4 Living Room Staging Tips to Help Your Home Sell Faster

If you are prepping your home to be sold, home staging is an important part of the process. Here are some tips for staging your living room to attract buyers. The living room is an important area to stage in your home because it is where you relax, entertain and spend time with friends and family. If you want to improve the look of your living room to attract potential buyers, you should follow these simple tips to ensure that your home looks great. 

Staging your living room is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. If you want to create a staged living room that will impress visitors during an open house, you should stage your living room with the idea of a relaxing retreat or room for entertaining.

Make sure to update the flooring, choose and arrange the furniture, freshen up the space and remove your personal items. All of these efforts will work together to create a space that is neutral and buyers will feel at home in. 

If you want to sell your home faster, follow these simple home staging tips for improving the look of your living room.

Update the Flooring

Many potential buyers love new flooring. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider updating the flooring in the home before you put your home on the market. If new flooring isn’t in the budget, there are a number of ways to make the existing flooring look great. Simply sanding the floor and applying a fresh coat of stain can provide the updated look that you require.

For other non-hardwood surfaces, such as tile, a thorough scrub or pressure washing can make the floors look nearly as good as they used to. If the living room has carpet, consider removing the carpet to reveal the hardwood floors underneath. No one likes used carpet, especially carpet that smells or has stains. You should remove the carpet from your living room if you want to attract potential buyers.

Change the Furniture

Living room furniture is an important aspect of staging your living room. If you want to update your living room to attract potential buyers, investing in modern furniture can make your living room appeal to a wider range of buyers. Opt for a mix of items so that you can carefully place each element in the room. Avoid adding heavy furniture options that block windows or entrance ways or simply make it hard to navigate the room.

Furniture that's too big will make a room look small, while too little or too small furniture can make a space feel cold. Don't use cheap college furniture, either. You don't have to pay a lot of money to switch out your existing furniture and you may even be able to rent it, but the furniture should look nice, new, expensive and inviting.

As you select furniture for the staged living room, opt for neutral colors for upholstery. You should also make sure that the room has adequate lighting by adding table lamps and making sure that light fixtures are working properly.

Freshen Up the Space

The living room is likely the first area of the home that will be seen by potential buyers as they enter your home. Therefore, you should make sure that you make this room as inviting as possible. Adding a vase of fresh flowers, leaving a plate of treats on the coffee table and lighting some scented candles will do wonders for setting the mood. Everything you do with regards to staging your home should be about getting potential buyers interested in your home.

However, be careful that you aren’t using scents to cover up a major problem because buyers will notice. The overuse of air fresheners can mean that the owners are covering up a bad smell from a damp basement.

Minimize Your Personal Effects

The living room is one of the rooms that people use to show off their personalities. If you want buyers to have a positive impression of your home, you should make sure that you eliminate your personal effects from the room. Buyers don’t want to walk into your home only to find personal photos of your family and clutter in your living room. 

Remove items, such as books, magazines and DVDs, as well. Although it might seem trivial, buyers may rifle through your collection and will be turned off from your home if they find something that they don’t like. Every detail in the room counts and you shouldn’t ruin the atmosphere by reminding potential buyers that you still live there.

Staging your living room is all about welcoming potential buyers into your home. Buyers want to envision themselves relaxing, entertaining and spending time with the family in your living room. With a few upgrades and a thorough cleaning, you can create a living room that is the ideal place to relax. 

As you select items for the living room upgrade, make sure that your home staging efforts always reflect the needs of the buyer and not your own. If you need additional advice on how to stage your living room, contact your real estate agent for assistance. 

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